About Marilyn

My name is Marilyn, and I would love to be your integrative health coach! I will work with you to identify and achieve your health goals! I am a registered nurse with experience in women’s health, rehabilitation, and mental health. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and trained for Integrative Health Coaching at Duke Integrative Medicine.

I am passionate about health promotion and disease prevention. I believe that no matter what your current state of health is, through our nonjudgemental coaching partnership, you will be empowered to reach your highest level of health and find balance in your life.

I am based in Ann Arbor, MI and Santa Fe, NM, but with today’s technology, we can connect no matter where we are. I coach in person, on the phone or through Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facebook video calls.

When I am not coaching, I love spending time in nature, working out, connecting with family and friends, and creating useful or beautiful objects with any kind of fiber.

I look forward to having you contact me!





I am an independent practitioner of Integrative Health Coaching and not formally affiliated with Duke IM. However, while taking Integrative Health Coach Professional Training and Certification courses, I have had the great honor and pleasure of getting to know some amazing people at Duke Integrative Medicine.

Highly respected expert, Dr. Perlman gives a great description of Health Coaching here:

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